2443 Tuhan memberkati mereka yang membantu orang-orang miskin dan mengecam mereka yang memalingkan diri dari mereka: "Berilah kepada orang yang meminta kepadamu dan jangan juga menolak orang yang mau meminjam dari padamu" (Matius 5:42). "Kalian sudah memperoleh semuanya itu dengan cuma-cuma, karena itu berikanlah pula dengan cuma-cuma" (Matius 10:8). Menurut apa yang telah mereka lakukan kepada orang miskin, Yesus Kristus akan mengenal orang-orang pilihan-Nya. Apabila "kepada orang miskin diberitakan kabar baik" (Matius 11:5), maka itulah tanda kehadiran Kristus.

Katekismus Gereja Katolik


Charity Ministry Home Intensi Doa




Dompet Sosial 2002-03


Dompet Sosial 2004-05


Blood Drive 2006





Charity Ministry kicked off the 2004 program by partnering with Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles builds renovates homes in partnership with God and people everywhere with a goal of eliminating substandard housing by making decent, affordable housing a matter of conscience and action in our communities. On April 17, 2004 about 20 Mudikans met at the construction site in Long Beach and joined other volunteers to help build couple of duplexes despite the rain that sprinkled the day. At the end of the day, all the hard works and sweat were paid off as we all became an expert in how to nail.

Then On May 15, 2004, we volunteered at Kkottongnae Retreat Camp to clean the retreat site. Kkottongnae Retreat Camp, located in Temecula is operated by Congregation of Sisters of Jesus and it has been our home where we have our annual retreat.

September 11, 2004 was remembered by volunteering at Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. LA Regional Food Bank partnering with American Harvest provides food for over 1,000 charitable agencies abused and abandoned children, battered women, the elderly, the disabled, the unemployed, those afflicted with AIDS and the working poor. We helped pack more than 1,000 food bags to be distributed to women and children.

To close the year, together with Event Ministry, we held Mudika Nite 2004, an evening of charity event featuring a fine Indonesian dinner and the performance of "Dude, What's Your Talent?" We collected $3,044 that we donated to the victims of the earthquake in Nabire, Irian Jaya through the Society of Jesus. Our donation helped Adhi Luhur Catholic High School in rebuilding 7 of the classrooms that were damaged by the earthquake.


As we begin the New Year, we remembered our friends in Aceh, Indonesia whose life have been affected by the Tsunami that hit Aceh on December 26, 2004. Everyone joined hands in doing many charity events such as Rosario Bersama, Warung Gaul, and Nonton Sitcom. Thank you for each Rosary Care Group (RCG) who organized the events. At the end, we collected more than $1,500 and sent the money to Aceh through Jesuit Refuge Services.

In June, we partnered with Los Angeles Regional Food Bank again and helped pack more than 1,000 food bags to be distributed to elderly.

On November 19, we visited Shriners Children Hospital in Los Angeles. Shriners Hospital provides care completely free of charge for children with either orthopedic conditions or burn scars. Sometimes these children are the forgotten ones only because people are afraid to look at these children with burned wound all over or part of their body. On the other side, these children sometimes feel left out because they afraid that others might look at them differently because of how they look now. When we visited them, we brought with us craft materials and bag filled with treats for the children. We spend half of the day making creative crafts, playing board games, etc. When we left we felt joyful and we're sure the children felt the same way!

To close the year, we held our 3rd annual Mudika Nite 2006, a joint event between Charity Ministry and Event Ministry. A sold out theatre performance of "Bawang Merah Bawang Putih (The Untold Story)" has brought another wonderful evening full with laughter, joy, and love. We collected $3,449 from that night and donated the funds to 'Yayasan PKP Seraphim' in Sumba, NTT. PKP Seraphim is a school that helps less fortunate teenage girls learned how to cook, to bake, to sew, or to make some art and crafts that they can use to earn a living in the future. We hope that our evening full with laughter, joy and love can help brighten our sisters' future into full of happiness and love.




Catherine Ng
2004-2005 Charity Ministry Coordinator

Prisca A. Boentaran
2004-2005 Charity Ministry Coordinator