2443 Tuhan memberkati mereka yang membantu orang-orang miskin dan mengecam mereka yang memalingkan diri dari mereka: "Berilah kepada orang yang meminta kepadamu dan jangan juga menolak orang yang mau meminjam dari padamu" (Matius 5:42). "Kalian sudah memperoleh semuanya itu dengan cuma-cuma, karena itu berikanlah pula dengan cuma-cuma" (Matius 10:8). Menurut apa yang telah mereka lakukan kepada orang miskin, Yesus Kristus akan mengenal orang-orang pilihan-Nya. Apabila "kepada orang miskin diberitakan kabar baik" (Matius 11:5), maka itulah tanda kehadiran Kristus.

Katekismus Gereja Katolik


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Dompet Sosial 2002-03


Dompet Sosial 2004-05


Blood Drive 2006





Mudika Charity Ministry's first activity was held in February 2002. There were about 30 of us visiting Shriners Children Hospital in Los Angeles. Shriners Hospital provides care completely free of charge for children with either orthopedic conditions or burn scars. We brought craft materials and spent time with the children to make some creative crafts. As a treat to the children, ice cream was passed around. Last but not least, before saying good-bye to the children a few brave Mudikans sang a few children songs.

In both July and October 2002 we volunteered for the Serve the Homeless activity in Mary's Mercy Center in San Bernardino. Mary's Mercy Center is a non-profit Catholic organization that provides food, clothing, transitional home, and medical care to the poor and the powerless. We helped with the meal preparation and ended up serving about 300 meals.

In November that year we started collecting donations for women and children of less fortunate families, as a joint effort with St. Stephen Martyr Church in Alhambra. The donations were then distributed a few days before Christmas.


In April 2003, we participated in March of Dimes Walk for Babies in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. March of Dimes is an organization that is dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. The walk was 5K and it was totally worth it knowing that we did it for a good cause and shed a few pounds in the process.

In July 2003, we volunteered in another Serve the Homeless event at Mary's Mercy Center. The Year 2003 was ended with couple of activities, which are: together with St. Stephen Church, we had Christmas Drive for the less fortunate families in the parish. And, together with Event Ministry, we held Mudika Nite 2003, which featured fine Indonesian dining and show and we raised approximately US$3,000.00 for poor younger people in Indonesia.




Fransiska Subroto
2002-2003 Charity Ministry Coordinator

Monika Untoro
2002-2003 Charity Ministry Coordinator