2443 Tuhan memberkati mereka yang membantu orang-orang miskin dan mengecam mereka yang memalingkan diri dari mereka: "Berilah kepada orang yang meminta kepadamu dan jangan juga menolak orang yang mau meminjam dari padamu" (Matius 5:42). "Kalian sudah memperoleh semuanya itu dengan cuma-cuma, karena itu berikanlah pula dengan cuma-cuma" (Matius 10:8). Menurut apa yang telah mereka lakukan kepada orang miskin, Yesus Kristus akan mengenal orang-orang pilihan-Nya. Apabila "kepada orang miskin diberitakan kabar baik" (Matius 11:5), maka itulah tanda kehadiran Kristus.

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Throughout the year, Mudika IC's Charity Ministry raises and allocate charity fund to many social organizations in Indonesia, which has main focus to help poor and abandon rural children and provide them with free education. In Indonesia, only about 50% of number of children enrolled in secondary school who are of official secondary school age (statistic taken from UNICEF The State of The World's Children 2008), due to their poor condition.

In 2003, Charity Ministry launched 'Dompet Sosial' or 'Charity Purse' program specially to help these poor rural children and giving them hope in the future through better education. To this date, we have been blessed to distribute close to US$40,000 to many social organizations in Indonesia. This has been possible through many Charity Ministry fund-raisings activities and your generosity in donating fund to our 'Charity Purse'.

This is our mission statement of faith: the love to our brothers and sisters in need is one many reasons why we save and work to earn enough "so that he or she may have something to share with one in need" (Ephesians 4: 28).

We sincerely invite everybody to join our movement together. If you would like to make contributions to our charity programs, please contact Lenny Ciowira.

Any contribution in the amount of $250 or more per year will receive a "Contribution Statement" letter for your tax return.

For further info or to transfer fund directly to Mudika IC account, please contact Lenny Ciowira.